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  • Handbook - a practical 296 page self-help handbook on forming joint ventures, strategic alliances & partnerings (more info)
  • Checklists - 165 pages of checklists for the most common types of partnering agreements with commentary (more info)
  • Deal Kit Forms - forms and templates (6 Letters of Intent, 4 Deal Sheets, 1 MOU, 8 deal agreements, and more) (more info)
  • Partnering Agreements - over 180 partnering, joint venture, alliance and outsourcing agreements organized into 12 modules grouped by subject area - used by real companies in real deals (more info)
  • Training - personalized one-on-one training (more info)
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Why Partner?

Few companies have everything that they need. You may need capital, specialized expertise, technology, products, facilities, talent, customers or distribution channels.

Partnering is the joining of two or more companies to exchange resources, share risks, or divide rewards from a joint enterprise.

Partnerings can take any of a number of forms such as: a strong relationship with a major customer, a partnership with a source of distribution, a relationship with a supplier of innovation or product, or an alliance in pursuit of a common goal.

Sometimes partners form a new jointly owned company. In other instances one partner purchases equity in the other. Most often the relationship is defined by one or more contracts.

No matter what you need, there is someone who has it. That someone is a potential Partner.

What We Do

We help companies review, draft and negotiate Partnering Agreements. Here is a list of the agreements with which we can help: Partnering Agreements.

Quick, Efficient and Inexpensive Agreement Services:

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Partnering Basics

Sahakian's Key Partnering Checklists - (table of contents) - order it
A Self Help Partnering Handbook - (table of contents) - order it
Due Diligence Checklists - (table of contents) - order it

CPI Tools and Guides
About Us

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The Executive Partnering Kit

The Executive Partnering Kit - One copy each of: Corporate Partnering, A "How To" Handbook, Sahakian's Key Partnering Checklists, and Sahakian's Due Diligence Checklists. Includes over 100 partnering examples. The "Deadly Dozen" most dangerous mistakes. How to use 25 basic partnering agreements and 10 basic partnering structures. 7 funding techniques, 8 ways to handle deadlocks, the 5 basic buy/sell structures. Checklists for: Marketing and Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, R&D Agreements, Manufacturing / Supply, Outsourcing, Facilities Management, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights, and Non-competition Agreements. 800-948-1700

Sahakian's Due Diligence Checklists
A 118 page set of checklists. Questions to ask before you buy or partner with a company.
Table of Contents
More Info

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The One Page Strategy Sheet

The One Page Stategy Sheet is a single piece of paper that ommunicates to all the people in an organization the information each person needs to coordinate everyday decisions.

Learn how to use the following techniques create a concise one-page business plan:
  - Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  - The Discretionary Dollar
  - The Virtual Dollar
  - Value Chain Ratcheting

Customer Partnering

Customer Partnering - Build yourself into your customer's business plan. Find ways to make yourself indispensable.

A step-by-step process for building a joint business plan with your customers, reserving a special place in it for you. 800-948-1700

See also The Executive Partnering Kit

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