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Acquisition Agreements

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Acquisition Agreement Review Service
  • We review the agreement(s)
  • Provide you with advice and answers
  • Make specific suggestions and draft proposed revisions
  • Negotiate revisions with the other party or their lawyer

Use This Service To

  • Obtain a quick and inexpensive second opinion
  • Review a proposed Acquisition Agreement for the purchase of your business or a portion of your business (except for a few specific situations, it is accepted protocol that the purchaser has the right to make the first draft of an Acquisition Agreement)
  • Do your own homework before discussing it with another lawyer
What It Costs

Our fundamental philosophy is to provide our services on a fixed price basis.

Acquisition Agreements can vary from the simple one page agreement that Warren Buffet has used from time to time up to 6 inch high towers of paper. So the price must vary depending on the agreement and the situation.

Ask us how about getting a fixed price quote for your situation:

Acquisition Agreements / Sub-Agreements
Acquisition Agreements are often composed of a one or two core agreements and multiple sub-agreements. Larger transactions are often associated with larger number of sub-agreements and as well as an increased page count. Here are the more common such agreements:

Core Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

Miscellaneous Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-competition Agreements
  • Proprietary Rights Agreements
  • Personal and Corporate Guarantees
Equity and Debt Instruments
  • Options
  • Warrants
  • Convertible Debt
  • Redemption Agreements
  • Promissory Notes
  • Letters of Credit
  • Credit & Security Agreements
  • Revenue Participation Agreements
Core Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements - a stock purchase agreement is an agreement to purchase the stock of a company.
  • Asset Purchase Agreements - and an asset purchase agreement is an agreement to purchase the property of a company.
  • Shareholder Agreements - These agreements... which can be quite complicated... focus primarily on two issues (a) control over the corporation, and (b) how and in what manner shareholders are able to sell or otherwise unlock the profits locked up in their individual shareholdings in the company.
  • Partnership Agreements - Partnership agreements do for partners in a partnership what Shareholder Agreements do for shareholders in a corporation.

Equity and Debt Instruments

  • Options and Warrants - An both options and warrants are rights to purchase stock at a pre-agreed price. They can take many forms with substantially varying terms (the particular terms of an option or warrant are more important than the number of shares covered by it).
  • Convertible Debt - This is debt that can be converted to to equity based upon a preagreed formula. There are many variations of (a) what can trigger the conversion, and (b) the formula that controls the conversion.
  • Redemption Agreements - An agreement that gives its holder the right to sell stock to the issuing company. There are many variations of (a) what can trigger this right, and (b) the formula that controls the price at which the corporation must buy its the shares.
  • Promissory Notes - These are notes that promise to pay their holders a sum of money, usually with interest.
  • Credit & Security Agreements - These agreements contain provisions that help ensure payment of debt (such as obligations under a Promissory Note).
  • Letters of Credit - A letter of credit is a promise by a bank to pay a specified amount of money to the holder of the letter of credit upon the occrence of certain events evidenced by specific types of documentation.
  • Revenue Participation Agreements - A revenue participation agreement entitles its holder to be paid a stream of revenue based on some measure of a corporation's performance. The revenue stream can be based on gross revenue, gross profits, net profits, compensation and dividends paid to shareholders, or some other measure.
Miscellaneous Agreements
  • Employment Agreements - Often provided for, or required by, owners and key personel in acquired companies.
  • Non-competition Agreements - Typically required of owners and senior management of acquired companies.
  • Proprietary Rights Agreements - Typically required of owners and senior management of acquired companies.
  • Personal and Corporate Guarantees - These are agreements to guarantee the performance of another party (typically the future payment of money). They can be made by individuals or corporations. Enforcement can be made subject to numerous types of pre-conditions. Also, the liability of the guarantor can be limited in a variety of ways.
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