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Employment Agreements

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Employment Agreements are typically used for highly valued employees. Their purpose is to create an element of predictability for one, or both parties, during the the relationship and most importantly at the termination of the relationship. They typically:

  • Restrict what an employee may do during and after the term of employment
  • Contain provisions relating to duration of the employment and what rights the employer has to terminate the relationship
  • Provisions governing employee compensation, benefits, perquisites, duties and intellectual property both during and after the term of employment
  • May include other provisions, restrictions or conditions
Our Employment Agreement Review Service
  • We review the agreement
  • Provide you with advice and answers
  • Make specific suggestions and draft proposed revisions
  • Negotiate revisions with the other party (we represent both employees and employers)

Use This Service To

  • Obtain a quick and inexpensive second opinion
  • Review an employment agreement that is presented to you for signature, or
  • Do your own homework before discussing it with another lawyer
This service does not include: (a) a written opinion letter, (b) review of stock option agreements and plans, or (b) any lawyer time over 2.0 hours... but it does include an unconditional 20 day money back guarantee
What It Costs

Standard Price $240
The Employment Agreement Review Service costs $240.
Special Introductory Rate of $100
First Time Users get a Special Introductory Rate of $100

Unconditional 20 Day Money Back Guarantee

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