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Letters of Intent

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"Letters of Intent"

Letters of intent are interim documents that can serve a combination of functions.

  • A symbolic milestone signifying commitment to a deal by the parties.
  • A set of general specifications for a complex agreement.
  • A negotiating tool that capsulizes the major issues of a 15 to 100+ page legal document into 1 to 6 pages. This permits business people to maintain control and negotiate major issues without being distracted by a clutter of legal minutia.
  • A publicity vehicle around which a news event can be generated.

Most Letters of intent are composed both of non-binding elements and binding provisions. They often include a time table and blueprint for the process of resolving still open issues.

"Letters of Interest" and "Deal Sheets" are often used in the place of Letters of Intent.

"Letters of Interest"

A "Letter of Interest" is nothing more than a written expression of interest in engaging in a transaction. Because it involves no commitment it's easy to get the other party to sign.

Both "Letters of Intent" and "Letters of Interest" go by the same acronym "LOI". This makes "Letters of Interest" useful for publicity purposes. They are easier to get signed, and just as newsworthy. At the same time, signing someone to a "Letter of Interest" gets them mentally committed to the deal.

"Deal Sheets"

"Deal Sheets" are detailed but condensed sets of specifications that control the content of an agreement.

They have less filler and formalism than Letters of Intent. Issues that are unlikely to become controversial as the deal goes to contract get treated lightly. On the other hand those issues are that are likely to flair up are treated with much greater detail.

This permits them to be shorter in length despite their greater detail. They are able to portray the entirety of quite complex deals in 3 pages or less... it permits the business people to retain effective control over the negotiation process far longer than they otherwise would before turning it over to the lawyers..

If a deal sheet is done well, the first draft of the resulting agreement will be signable with few modifications.

Letter of Intent Review Service
  • We review the Letter of Intent
  • Provide you with advice and answers
  • Make specific suggestions and draft proposed revisions
  • Negotiate revisions with the other party or their lawyer

Use This Service To

  • Obtain a quick and inexpensive second opinion
  • Review a Letter of Intent that is presented to you for signature, or
  • Review a Letter of Intent that you are sending out to make sure it is the appropriate to the situation
  • Do your own homework before discussing it with another lawyer
This service does not include: (a) a written opinion letter, or (b) any lawyer time over 1.5 hours... but it does include an unconditional 20 day money back guarantee
What It Costs

Standard Price $240
The Letter of Intent Review Service costs $240.
Special Introductory Rate of $100
First Time Users get a Special Introductory Rate of $100

Unconditional 20 Day Money Back Guarantee

For More Information Call 1-800-948-1700, Ask for Heidi
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