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Telephone Consultations

Call 1-800-948-1700, Ask for Heidi
What is the TeleConsult?

It's a one-hour telephone consultation with an experienced partnering professional from the Corporate Partnering Institute. Its purpose is to help you get up to speed quickly on any partnering opportunities, negotiations or agreements you're facing.

We help you tap into our knowledge and experience base to quickly access what's most important to you.

What Can I Use It For?

Use it to review an agreement that has been presented to you... or think of things you may want to ask for in an agreement you intend to present to someone else.

You can use it as a sounding board.

If you're seeking your first partnering, use it to make sure that you take your first few steps in the right direction. We can counsel you through your first partnering with no-nonsense tips and advice.

Get a 2nd legal Opinion about what is really possible (we pride ourselves on our ability to devise ways to accomplish what others can not)

How does it work?

You call us and schedule a time for the TeleConsult. At that time we'll ask you what help you want or need.

If we think we can help, we'll call you to schedule a convenient time for the Teleconsult. If we don't think we can help you, we will say so, and if we can, refer you to someone who will help you.

If you have a very specific topic, problem or agreement, we focus on it.

If you have broader problem or goal, we define an approach to solving or reaching it. Any partnering transaction or problem is fair game.

If you have a legal agreement you will find that we are surprisingly capable of reviewing it in real time and providing substantive analysis and commentary on it as we talk. It comes from reviewing and analyzing thousands and thousands of agreements over many years.

What if I Want More Than Just an Hour?

We will warn you when we reach one hour. At your election, you can extend the consultation by 15 minute increments either in the initial session or to subsequent sessions.

How Do I Prepare to Get The Most Out It?

At the time we schedule our consultation we will make a recommendation on how you should prepare for it in order to get the most out of it... based on your stated objectives and needs.

What It Costs

Special Introductory Rate of $100
First Time Clients get a Special Introductory Rate of $100 per hour for the first two hours for scheduled Saturday TeleConsults - (the consultation reverts to our standard hourly rate
after the first two hours)

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