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The CPI Acquisition Agreements

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Stock Purchase and
Asset Purchase Agreements

19 Asset Purchase Agreements
    1. Sale of a Gaming System manufacturer to a Korean Electronics Company (includes an extensive and detailed description of the intellectual property being purchased)
    2. Purchase of assets coupled with a non-exclusive license of technology
    3. Purchase of assets of a Pharmaceutical company by another Pharmaceutical company.
    4. Purchase of Trademarks from their individual owners by the then current licensee of these marks.
    5. Formation of New Company from the Assets of Two Partners – An exchange and transfer of multiple assets between and among two companies and their subsidiaries to form a new venture.
    6. Purchase by the franchiser of entertainment complexes, of the assets of one of the operators of the franchised entertainment complexes.
    7. Purchase Leaseback – Purchase of assets by coupled with a leaseback of the assets.
    8. Option to Purchase and First Right to Purchase Assets – Grant of right to purchase assets.
    9. Trademark Control Agreement - Allocation and sharing of control and ownership of various trademarks and goodwill by and between several companies.
    10. Purchase of certain intellectual property including antifungal compounds.
    11. Purchase of assets by health care related software company (includes consent of buyer’s security holder).
    12. Purchase of a sales promotion and marketing business.
    13. Liquidation and sale of assets of a subsidiary of an electronics corporation
    14. Purchase of the assets of an operating system company by an electronics hardware company (including assumption of liabilities, noncompetition agreements and stockholder support agreements)
    15. Purchase of assets and assumption of obligations relating to the sale of a combustion, electric arc and plasma thermal spray equipment business.
    16. Purchase of assets relating to a power generation business.
    17. Assignment of an Airplane Purchase Agreement, including assumption and release of related liabilities.
    18. Purchase by a chain of health foods stores, of the assets of a competitor (includes representations and warranties by individual shareholders)
    19. Purchase out of Bankruptcy of the assets of broadcasting company.
10 Stock Purchase Agreements
    1. Purchase of an Education Business
    2. Purchase of a Software Company from shareholder owners
    3. Purchase of English Education Company by a US Corporation
    4. Purchase of an acquisition company from its shareholders
    5. Purchase of Heliotrope Studios from its shareholders
    6. Purchase of a competitor from its shareholders
    7. Purchase of a 60% Controlling Interest in a Joint Venture Company
    8. Purchase of a communications related company, by a systems software company, from its shareholders
    9. Stock and Asset Purchase by US Corporation from a UK Corporation
    10. Conversion of Asset Purchase to Stock Purchase
Customization Assistance and Telephone Consultations

Help is available if you would like assistance in selecting, modifying or using any of these documents. The lawyer who compiled them is available at reasonable rates to help you. Mr. Sahakian can be reached by calling 888-Lean-Law (888-532-6529) (call 847-677-1457 outside the US). Ask for Heidi.

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