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The CPI Partnering Agreement Set

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What are The CPI Partnering Agreements

The CPI Partnering Agreements are a collection of Joint Venture, Strategic Alliance and Partnering agreements.

These are real agreements that have been used by real companies in a variety of industries encompassing a wide range of deal structures and situations, at least one of which is likely to fit your situation.

They illustrate common partnering and alliance practices, provisions and deal structures.

Organized into 12 modules grouped by interest area, the 12 modules are:

  • Module 1 - Marketing, Sales and Distribution Agreements (26 agreements)
  • Module 2 - Supply and Sourcing Related Agreements (26 agreements)
  • Module 3 - Financing and Equity Related Agreements (10 agreements)
  • Module 4 - Product and Technology Development Agreements (15 agreements)
  • Module 5 - Joint Venture Agreements (12 agreements)
  • Module 6 - Dissolution, Restructuring and Termination Agreements (5 agreements)
  • Module 7 - Letters of Intent, Term Sheets, Letter Agreements and MOUs (11 documents)
  • Module 8 - Outsourcing Master Agreements (19 agreements)
  • Module 9 - Outsourcing of Information Technology Agreements (10 agreements)
  • Module 10 - Outsourcing of Manufacturing Agreements (15 agreements)
  • Module 11 - Outsourcing of Business Processes Agreements (31 agreements)
  • Module 12 - Outsourcing - General Agreements (14 agreements)

All forms and agreements are provided in MS Word format. See table of contents for more details.

Master Table of Contents - Order Your Copy

Table of Contents
Customization Assistance and Telephone Consultations

Help is available if you would like assistance in selecting, modifying or using any of these documents. The lawyer who compiled them is available at reasonable rates to help you. Mr. Sahakian can be reached by calling 888-Lean-Law (888-532-6529) (call 847-677-1457 outside the US). Ask for Heidi.

Curt Sahakian, Attorney at Law, Chicago, Illinois USA

Other Recommendations


Corporate Partnering - A How-To Handbook - A practical 296 page handbook on forming Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Partnerings. Includes over 100 partnering examples. How to use 25 basic partnering agreements and 10 basic partnering structures; 7 funding techniques; 8 ways to handle deadlocks; the 5 basic buy/sell structures; The "Deadly Dozen" most dangerous mistakes; How to use a unique tool called a "deal sheet" - a tool that walks you step-by-step through the deal formulation process; "...a concrete, practical, step-by-step guide...over 100 partnering examples... explains how to use 25 basic partnering agreements...outlines the value and use of 'deal sheets'..."

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Sahakian's Key Partnering Checklists - Checklists for: Marketing and Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, R&D Agreements, Manufacturing/Supply, Outsourcing, Facilities Management, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights, and Non-competition Agreements. Also includes the CPI Legal Fee Guidelines. 165 pages

Table of Contents - Order Your Copy

The CPI Deal Making Kit - The CPI Deal Making Kit is a set of documents and templates designed to help you glue together and close your deals. (provided in MS Word format files)

Includes:6 Letters of Intent, 4 Deal Sheets, 1 Memorandum of Understanding, 8 deal agreements (3 Deal Sheet Agreements, 5 NDAs, a Finders agreement), a Multi-Purpose Addendum and Letter of Amendment and exhibit and schedule forms.

More Information - Table of Contents - Order Your Copy

The CPI Acquisitions Kit -

  • 3 Different Asset Purchase Letters of Intent
  • 3 Different Stock Purchase Letters of Intent
  • 2 Different Stock Swap / Stock Purchase Deal Sheets
  • 1 Deal Sheet Agreement for a Joint Venture with Equity Investment
  • 1 Detailed Term Sheet for Merger of Two Companies into a Surviving Company
  • 1 Letter of Intent for a Merger of Two Companies into a Surviving Company
  • 3 Different Letters of Intent for purchase of bankrupt or financially troubled companies
  • 1 Acquisition Due Diligence Information Request Letter
  • 1 Acquisition Due Diligence Non-Disclosure Agreement

More Information - Table of Contents - Order Your Copy

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