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Module 1 -
Marketing, Sales and Distribution Agreements

These are partnering and alliance agreements relating to the sales, marketing and/or distribution of goods and services.

  1. Consulting, Promotion and Marketing Letter Agreement - The outsourcing of marketing and revenue generation activities by an attorney referral service
  2. Marketing Alliance Agreement - An experienced marketer of dental cooperative marketing programs assists a publisher of legal directories to launch a cooperative marketing program for lawyers by providing expertise in selling memberships in such programs to professionals and in promoting such services to the public
  3. Marketing, Development, License and Software Agreement - An experienced US Internet advertising and marketing firm assists a Chinese company to establish a Chinese Internet advertising and marketing business using the US company's trademarks, software and expertise
  4. Website Affiliation Agreement - Outsourcing to an advertising and marketing agency the exclusive right to sell all advertising on a web site
  5. Interactive Marketing and Distribution Agreement - Promotion and distribution by major online presence of services and software
  6. Marketing Agreement - An exclusive distribution relationship in which a major PC manufacturer promotes and distributes, in its packaging and desk top icons, the products and services of a major internet service provider
  7. Co-Branded XMS Service Marketing Agreement - A major issuer of charge cards to market a co-branded version of a yet to be developed outsource business travel and entertainment expense management service
  8. Marketing Cooperation Agreement - A strategic alliance between two appliance makers (one of which is a shareholder in the other) in which the two competitors agree to engage in a variety of marketing cooperation efforts to increase market penetration by both parties through (i) expansion distribution channels, (ii) co-branding, housebranding and private labeling, and (iii) coordination of promotional activities
  9. Cross Promotion Agreement - Cross promotion of each partner's services to existing customer base of the other as well as joint promotion of both of their services to new prospects
  10. Healthcare Information Marketing Agreement - A major provider of goods and services to the healthcare industry will (i) provide health care content for distribution by a publisher of news and content to wireless PDA and smartphone subscribers and also (ii) sell the wireless PDA and smartphone services through its distribution channels with both companies sharing revenue from these activities
  11. Interactive Marketing Agreement - A major seller of travel and hospitality services to market and promote credit cards and credit related services to it customers
  12. Revenue Sharing Agreement - Sharing of revenue from distribution of videos
  13. Code Share and Revenue Sharing Agreement - To combine airline routes to jointly market combined multiple stop airline trips, including sharing of revenue and costs
  14. Strategic Marketing Alliance Agreement - Promotion of expense management software by charge card issuer who will engage in lead generation and referral activities and will receive performance based sales commissions
  15. Distributor Agreement - Online distribution of software in downloadable form
  16. Marketplace Participation Agreement - Participation of an airline in a major on-line travel marketplace in which the airline provides unpublished fares which are matched to prospective customers
  17. Alliance Agreement - Worldwide joint marketing and sales of mutually complimentary services including team selling and joint delivery of services
  18. Retail Agreement - Agreement between two competitors permitting the smaller competitor to fill in gaps of the larger competitor's line of services
  19. Master Agreement - Joint marketing and selling of mutually complimentary software applications and services
  20. Joint Marketing Agreement - Maintenance of a Joint advertising and Marketing relationship between a Parent Corporation (a provider of wholesale and retail telecommunications services) with a subsidiary that is a pioneer in VOIP technology, in preparation of turning the subsidiary into a Joint Venture entity with multiple owners
  21. Strategic Marketing Agreement - Marketing and distribution of facilities management software
  22. Call Center and Telemarketing Agreement - Supply of call center and marketing services to a prepaid legal services plan
  23. Distributor Agreement - Exclusive distribution rights including the right to sublicense
  24. Interactive Marketing Agreement - A marketing relationship in which the Senior Partner promotes and distributes a jointly developed software system that permits businesses to manage their supply chain and procurement activities through public and private marketplaces
  25. Exclusive Concession Agreement - Agreement to distribute software in France providing the distributor exclusivity, the right to appoint sub distributors and the right to grant sublicenses
  26. Strategic Alliance Agreement - Intertwined cross selling and cross marketing relationship between a health plan and a pharmacy that fulfills prescriptions by mail

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