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Module 2 -
Supply and Sourcing Related Agreements

These are partnering and alliance agreements related to the supply and sourcing of goods and services.

  1. Wafer Purchase Agreement - A long-term supply agreement in which one company will build a silicon wafer plant and the other will buy the production from that plant
  2. OEM Supply Agreement - Long-term supply agreement for printing hardware components and ink
  3. OEM Purchase and Development Agreement - Long-term supply agreement
  4. Reseller Agreement - A long-term supply agreement under which the Reseller purchases products for resale and incorporation into its own products
  5. Supply Agreement as Part of Litigation Settlement - Long-term supply agreement for resale and distribution
  6. Outsource License and Supply Agreement - A long term cost-plus supply agreement that automatically applies to all purchase orders - the supplier being obligated to establish a Chinese joint venture entity to fulfill such orders and the customer being obligated to provide the supplier with certain licenses in order to permit the manufacture of the products
  7. Value-Added Reseller-OEM Agreement - Value Added Reseller integrates certain software into its software product and distributes the resulting integrated product
  8. Exclusive Output Agreement - Exclusive rights to all of a production house's output
  9. Outsourcing Exclusive Supply Agreement - A short-term exclusive supply agreement that automatically renews for one-year terms
  10. OEM License Agreement - The right to incorporate software into cable modem products and redistribute the resulting product
  11. Reseller Agreement - Long term reseller agreement with a conditional Technology Escrow and Manufacturing License to protect the reseller in the event of non-performance of supplier
  12. Technology License and Reseller Agreement - Long term non-exclusive technology license to permit manufacture of products with licensor getting in return the right to resell the manufactured products back to the licensor
  13. International OEM Agreement - Long term supply agreement for chips, switches and software to be resold internationally
  14. Distribution Agreement - Distribution of hybrid fiber coax cable through a systems integrator and distributor of end-to-end networking solutions
  15. Wood Fiber Supply Agreement - Long term supply agreement between a Joint Venture entity and one of its owners for the supply of wood fiber for use in manufacturing fiberboard
  16. Manufacturing and Supply Agreement - Bilateral agreement to (a) cross license proprietary technology relating to the manufacture of devices, reagents and proprietary antigens related with pharmacological, toxicological and clinical applications, and (b) the cross supply of such devices, reagents and proprietary antigens to each other
  17. Reseller Supply Agreement - Supply of recorder units to be resold as part of a bundled offering
  18. Strategic Supplier Agreement - A long term alliance to supply products, including a joint effort to explore, devise, evaluate, and implement practices to reduce total supply chain costs while permitting both parties to share the benefits of such advanced practices
  19. Supply Agreement - An agreement to supply a portion of the timber harvested on certain lands
  20. Agreement for Supply of Material - Supply of a proprietary vaccine to be used in clinical studies relating to certain monoclonal antibodies coupled with an obligation to engage in good faith negotiations toward a long term supply agreement for the vaccine
  21. Distributor Agreement - Supply of specialized software for distribution in the U.S. and Canada
  22. Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement - Supply of equipment to be distributed into the Japanese market
  23. Retail Distribution Agreement - Resale of electronic products through a big box office supplies retailer
  24. Collaboration Agreement - Supply and joint marketing of Corian surfaces materials
  25. Alliance and Co-Marketing Agreement - Supply of software to be jointly marketed and sold in conjunction with the sales of services from a major Consulting Company
  26. Credit Card Alliance Agreement - A Bank service company provides credit card issuing capabilities to Paypal

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