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Module 3 -
Financing and Equity Related Agreements

These are partnering and alliance agreements which involve the investment (in the form or equity, debt or other) of one partner in the business of another.

  1. Manufacturer Financing Purchase Order Assignment Agreement - Finance company buys raw materials, the manufacturer makes and ships goods, the finance company collects customer payments to reimburse the cost of the raw materials and the financing fees, and then finally passes on to the manufacturer what is left
  2. Contribution of Assets to Junior Partner - Contribution of assets by a Parent Corporation to a subsidiary that provides document imaging solutions in preparation for the spin-off of the subsidiary to new shareholders
  3. Business Advisory Agreement - Business advisory services in exchange for equity
  4. Administrative Services Agreement - In preparation for a subsidiary's IPO, Parent and Subsidiary enter into an agreement extending the provision of administrative, financial, management and other services by Parent to Subsidiary
  5. Letter of Agreement - Establishment of a strategic relationship between partners after the joint acquisition of the third company in which one of the partners has a preexisting contractual and equity relationship
  6. Fundraising Agreement - Supplier of management services agrees to raise $4 million from third parties for its customer
  7. Cable Advertising Agreement - Acquisition of $5,000,000 of cable advertising in exchange for issuing a $40,000,000 note (and accepting the related loan of $40,000,000 in return) which note is convertible into equity
  8. Reseller Agreement - Maintenance of distribution relationship between a Parent Corporation and a subsidiary in preparation for the spin off of the subsidiary to new shareholders
  9. Definitive Agreement - Large telephone company invests in a provider of networking products and services then resells the smaller company's products and services
  10. Agreement of Strategic Relationship - Toy company obtains Movie related license rights and in turn issues stock warrants to the production house

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