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Module 4 -
Product and Technology Development Agreements

These are partnering and alliance agreements related to the development of new products or technologies.

  1. Collaboration Agreement - Develop new genes to produce new agricultural products by combining one of the partner's intellectual property rights and expertise in the rearrangement of DNA and the other partner's expertise in the genetic modification of plants
  2. Collaborative Research and Development Agreement - A three phase project to use one partner's biotechnology and gene shuffling competencies to develop carbon sequestration technologies
  3. Collaboration Agreement - Develop, manufacture, market and sell biomedical scanners and associated software
  4. Proprietary Drug Development and Marketing Agreement - Collaboration between to pharmaceutical companies to develop certain proprietary drugs more efficiently and effectively than either could alone
  5. Order Fulfillment Agreement - Jointly develop a computer and customer service interface for the purposes of transacting small order transactions via an on-line store with the retailer partner conducting marketing and merchandising and the fulfillment partner taking responsibility for picking, packing and shipping the orders
  6. Pharmaceutical Marketing, Distribution and Development Agreement - Agreement to complete clinical trials, obtain regulatory approval and then commercialize the approved pharmaceuticals in defined markets utilizing a detailed joint committee decision making structure with one partner obtaining exclusive distribution rights in a defined territory
  7. Product Development and Distribution Agreement - Development of interoperability between complementary hardware and software printing systems and the distribution of the result through Xerox distribution channels
  8. Statement of Work and Network Access Agreement - Deployment of an electronic commerce service used by businesses to manage purchasing activities
  9. Technology Development Agreement - A three phase development agreement in which additional functionality and capability is added to the junior partner's existing software engine that permits businesses to manage their supply chain and procurement activities through public and private marketplaces
  10. Joint Commercialization Agreement - Joint clinical development and commercialization in European Union of certain dendritic cell technology and cell-based immunotherapy products developed through a prior Research and License Agreement
  11. Research and License Agreement - Collaborative research to create improvements to dendritic cell technology, discover new immunotherapy targets, and develop new cell-based immunotherapy products to prevent or treat diseases resulting in joint commercialization rights
  12. Operating Agreement - Integration of Pitney Bowes equipment leasing services with the hardware and software sales activities of its Junior Partner
  13. Cooperation Agreement - Joint development of compatible hardware and software specifications and joint sales and joint marketing efforts for the resulting compatible hardware and software products
  14. Operating Agreement - Cooperative development, marketing, sale and distribution of a new data collection, processing, storage, analysis and reporting service in which Nielsen makes an equity investment in its Junior Partner
  15. Co-Production Agreement - Agreement to develop, produce, finance and distribute five computer-animated movies

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