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Module 5 -
Joint Venture Agreements

These are partnering and alliance agreements to (a) create jointly owned entities, and (b) govern the management of the new entity after its creation.

  1. Real Estate Development Joint Venture Agreement - The formation of a general partnership to design, develop, construct, own and operating a hotel-casino
  2. Contractual Joint Venture Contract - Establishment of a jointly owned Internet Technology Service Provider in China
  3. Cooperative Joint Venture Contract - Agreement to establish a jointly owned Gas Turbine Power Company that will generate and sell electricity
  4. Joint Venture Agreement - Formation of a joint venture entity to provide securities trading services to residents of Japan
  5. Joint Venture Agreement - Formation of a joint venture corporation engaged in the commercial tissue business
  6. Restated and Amended Joint Venture Agreement - Restructuring of a Joint Venture Entity whose purpose is to provide business news and financial programming in English and other languages
  7. Foundry Venture Agreement - Formation of a Joint Venture entity in China to engage in the business of providing foundry services
  8. Joint Venture Agreement - Agreement to jointly explore and develop oil leases
  9. Joint Venture Agreement - Establishment of a Joint Venture entity to develop, own and operate a chain of casual fine dining restaurants featuring Pacific Rim cuisine
  10. Joint Venture Agreement - Creation of a Joint Venture entity to market, distribute, license and supporting computational chemistry software products in Japan (Includes Distributorship Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement and License Agreement)
  11. Equity Joint Venture Contract - Creation of a Joint Venture entity to build and sell automobiles in China
  12. Marketing & Services Agreement - Operation of a Joint Venture entity

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