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Outsourcing Agreements
Module 11 -
Outsourcing of Business Processes Agreements

These are agreements for the outsourcing of a range of business functions.

  1. Services Agreement - A health care cooperative that acts as a group purchasing agent for its members, outsources healthcare supply chain management
  2. Administration and Marketing Services Agreement - Outsourcing of administrative, accounting, financial, marketing and project support services
  3. Agreement - Bank outsources the provisioning of credit monitoring services for its credit card customers
  4. Agreement - Bank outsources the sales of various services (membership clubs, insurance programs, merchandise and magazine subscriptions) for its credit card customers
  5. Agreement - Financial institution outsources the provisioning and selling of various services and upsells to its credit card customers
  6. Agreement For Services Administration - Bank outsources credit fraud prevention, detection, monitoring and notification services and in exchange permits the outsourcer to market its offerings to the Bank's customers
  7. Management Services Agreement - Bank outsources cash management, check processing and check collection functions
  8. Management Services Agreement - A check processing company outsources almost all of its functions to a consulting company (paid on a cost-plus and performance bonus basis) which in turn assigns several of its own customer contracts to the check processing company (the extensive set of services to be provided include purchasing of all services and goods; advertising and customer acquisition activities; establishing pricing and packaging for customer services; strategic market advice and service direction for each line of business; planning product and service enhancements; negotiating and signing all customer contracts as well as contracts with other service providers; supervising the administration and monitoring the performance of all services provided to customers; maintaining office facilities and providing internal data processing services; internal executive and administrative services; cash management and risk management advice; bookkeeping; preparing monthly financial reports; furnishing financial advice and services including preparation of operating budgets; preparing business proposals to be presented to the Board of Directors; preparation and distribution of materials for Board of Directors meetings; preparation of shareholder reports; coordinating the provision of legal advice and counsel; obtaining and maintaining all required government licenses; effecting loans and investments)
  9. Service Agreement - Outsourcing of storage and warehousing, order processing, fulfillment, data management, client account maintenance, print, media, advertising specialty items, Internet services, and other aspects of marketing support
  10. Services Agreement - Outsourcing of distribution, telemarketing and order fulfillment
  11. Agreement for Aircraft Maintenance Services - Long term outsourcing agreement by an airline for aircraft maintenance checks and modification support (including aircraft painting, maintenance checks and modifications, engineering, aircraft storage, component repair and overhaul)
  12. Management Services Agreement - Long-term outsourcing of the operation of multiplex movie theaters
  13. Management Agreement - Long term outsourcing of the operation of multiplex movie theaters between two affiliated companies sharing mutual ownership (the extensive set of services to be provided include selecting and booking films; advertising and promotion; auditing, accounting and bookkeeping; federal, state and local income tax returns; maintain compliance with statutes, ordinances, laws, rules, regulations; secure and maintain licenses, permits and authorizations; hiring, supervising, promotion and discharge of employees and managers; contracting for utilities, maintenance, alterations, renovations and repairs; the sole and exclusive authority to contracts and agreements
  14. Human Resources Services Agreement - Outsourcing of the human resource function (services include payroll, benefits, employee data and records management, employee services, management of existing third party service suppliers
  15. Agreement for Billing and Collection Services for Directory Publishers - Telephone company provides billing and collection services to a company in the business of publishing hard copy and electronic telephone directories and generating revenue by selling related advertising
  16. Long Term Access and Services Agreement - A multinational Tier 1 automotive supplier outsources critical portions of its purchasing function by outsourcing the provisioning of a world wide online marketplace to enable it to generate online auctions in order to procure parts, materials or services from competing suppliers (services include both the auction software as well as services to establish and maintain competitive bidding environments)
  17. Agreement For Transportation Logistics Services - Beer Company outsources its transportation logistics and beer delivery functions
  18. Business Solutions Master Agreement - A retailer outsources its database marketing to an independent marketing agency
  19. Business Travel Agreement - Outsourcing of the procurement of business-travel arrangements and management of business travel costs
  20. Call Center Service Agreement - A real-time medical information and related services via the Internet, outsources, on an exclusive basis, the operation of its call centers to a provider of medical assistance products and services (this same provider also makes an equity investment in its client to be paid for with credits for services rendered) and in exchange agrees to promote the providers services to its customers
  21. Contract Services Agreement - Agreement in which an Icelandic corporation performs certain pharmacogenomic development studies for which it's access to Icelandic population makes it particularly well suited
  22. Teleservices Agreement - Retailer outsources its contact center and customer services (services include order management; order placement; order inquiries; shipment tracking; billing information and reconciliation; product knowledge assistance; complaint resolution; contact center services including inbound phone, email, escalation procedures; returns; pre-sale and post-sale inquiries via phone, email chat, fax or postal service; order placement; order status inquiry; shipment tracking issues; complaints; policy inquiry; resolving incorrect/damages/defective goods; order issues; satisfaction resolutions; escalations; customer credits and claims)
  23. Oil Rig Drilling Contract - An oil exploration company outsources the drilling of wells to a contractor
  24. Global Trade Services Agreement - A major automobile manufacturer outsources import and export trade management services (services include managing agreements with third party brokers and freight forwarders; monitoring and providing notices of renewal, termination, cancellation dates and fees of the managed agreements; notification of contract claims by the third parties; coordination with customs service providers, including problem resolution)
  25. Host Reservation Services Agreement - Provision and implementation of a proprietary airline reservation system (includes implementation; timeframe planning; data center implementation; system integration services; reference material; support services)
  26. Management Agreement - Owner of a website outsources website operations (services include modifications; management; operation; maintenance; marketing; distribution; advertising; management of affiliate programs)
  27. Private Label Credit Card Program Agreement - Victoria's Secret and Lone Mountain Factoring - A factoring company and a bank provide a specialty retailer with a private label credit card
  28. Procurement Agreement - The owner, operator and franchiser of restaurants and hospitality businesses located worldwide outsources its procurement function (services include of negotiating and contracting for the procurement of food and beverages; supplies; uniforms; furniture; fixtures, decor; equipment)
  29. Service Agreement - An established major charge card processing company provides back room data processing and other related services to a small charge card issuer in a rapidly growing market
  30. Services Agreement - A major vendor of consumer financial software outsources the insurance related services it offers to its customers, to a leading provider of on-line insurance quotations and applications
  31. Services Agreement - The owner and operator of a number of hotels and casinos outsources the management of these properties

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