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Outsourcing Agreements
Module 12 -
Outsourcing - General Agreements

These are a potpourri of outsourcing agreements.

  1. Services and License Agreement - A large healthcare organization with numerous affiliated companies outsources the processing of electronic health claims to an electronic healthcare information company that specializes in health care industry electronic data interchange products and services
  2. Contract for Turnkey Construction Project - The design and construction of an innovative warehousing system including 26 distribution center facilities that represent the essence of a new business and its business model
  3. Project Development and Construction Contract - A turnkey, fixed-price agreement to lay underwater cable for a telephone company
  4. Technology Development and License Agreement - Establishment of a Joint Venture entity by two computer chip competitors in order to share development costs for mutually agreed facilities, tasks and technologies (utilizing a highly organized governance structure)
  5. Agreement for ASIC Design and Development - Outsourced design and development of an ASIC chip
  6. Development Agreement - Casino Development project in which the City outsources, to a private real estate developer, the economic development and revitalization of a blighted area
  7. Development Agreement - The developer and manufacturer of biometric security systems outsources the development of a new biometric imaging technology and related products and services to a company that specializes in imaging components and products
  8. Capacity Agreement - A large telecom service provider makes its fiber optic communications system available for use by telecom service provider
  9. Panel Maintenance Agreement - A large media ratings company provides a smaller media ratings company in an emerging market with consumer panels as well as proprietary analytical and statistical protocols, methodologies and technologies
  10. Professional Services Agreement - A vendor of millimeter-wave wireless outsources the development of an outdoor transmitter unit (services include project plan; critical design review; documentation package; five engineering prototypes; design verification report for the prototypes; five pre-production units; design verification report for the pre-production units; regulatory approvals; product information database including polymer composition info, test reports, electromagnetic compatibility data, reliability data; systemic failure notifications, mechanical drawings; schematics; bills of materials)
  11. Services Agreement - A Letter Agreement under which an organization that is in the business of developing and licensing technology, often taking equity stakes in licensees, outsources the management of merger and acquisition transactions, capital market financings, investment opportunities, negotiations and valuation work with companies in which it holds minority or majority interests (compensation to the company providing the services is by way of an attached Stock Warrant)
  12. Services Agreement - One of the owners of a Joint Venture entity provides management services to that entity (services include office space; related office services such as utilities, telecommunications equipment, general office supplies, mailroom services, cleaning services; maintenance services; general office equipment; administrative support including payroll processing, accounting, purchasing, management information, recruiting, other human resource and facility services; accounting services)
  13. Strategic Agreement - The owner and distributor of a video sports channel agrees to carry exclusively the programming materials of a leading provider of content to sports enthusiasts in exchange for monetary compensation as well as an equity ownership interest in the content provider
  14. Teleport Services Agreement - The provider of live and on-demand interactive video presentations to large audiences outsources provisioning of its dedicated satellite uplink facilities and satellite transponders to a major telecommunications company that owns a major satellite uplink facility and communication links

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