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Legal Services

We Help You Review, Draft and Negotiate Partnering Agreements.

All legal services are provided by Curt Sahakian, Esq. or by attorneys working under his personal supervision.

  Curt Sahakian

Mr. Sahakian is the author of a number of publications including: "Corporate Partnering, A How-To Handbook", "Key Partnering Checklists", "Due Diligence Checklists", "Customer Partnering - An Executive Guide to Key Practices", "The 3 Piece Executive Partnering Kit", "One Page Strategy Sheet", "The Delphi Method", "Business Applications of Propaganda", "Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements - Key Practices & Common Provisions".

You can order any of Mr. Sahakian's books from by clicking on the hot links above, or you can order them directly from the Corporate Partnering Institute by (clicking here).


We are sponsored by The Corporate Partnering Institute a U.S. think-tank dedicated to the use of partnering to generate growth and competitive advantage. CPI Clients and Customers.

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