ComCor International, Inc.
"We help you reduce costs and increase your competitive agility by outsourcing the high cost portions of your manufacturing to lower- cost foreign venues." Bob Wester, CEO ComCor International

Proven Results
Reduced Costs / Increased Agility!
  • "Production Costs Reduced by 38%"- High End Systems, Inc.
    • Outsourced manufacturing of a key subassembly (including wire harnesses, stepper motors and circuit boards) used in computerized lighting systems selling for $9,000 to $12,000 to the theatrical and entertainment industries. Regained lost market share lost to price cutting competitors.
  • "Reduced Time to Market by 18%" - Wen Products, Inc.
    • The Wen Products automobile buffer. Designed in the US to retain US look and feel. Manufacturing outsourced overseas for low cost fast track production ramp up.
  • "Expected 15 - 35% Reduction in Costs" - General Motors
    • Currently outsourcing production of auto parts, on behalf of General Motors, to contractor manufacturers in China.
  • "Reduced Cost by 50% and Time to Market by 40%" - Genlyte Group Inc.
    • Decorative and industrial lighting products designed in the US and manufactured overseas.
  • "35% Cost Savings" - Schumacher Electric Corporation
    • Overseas outsourcing of both the design and manufacture of battery chargers for the leading US manufacturer of batter chargers (70% market share).
  • "39% reduction in costs" - Eaton Corporation
    • Overseas production of precision parts for industrial hydraulic systems.

ComCor Principals

Robert D. Wester, CEO

Bob has been engaged in outsourcing manufacturing operations to the Pacific Rim since Richard Nixon's historic opening of trading relations with China in 1972. During his career, at various times he has functioned as a CEO, COO, VP of Sales, line manager, as well as a consultant. To date, he has been directly responsible for over $1.5 billion in imports and exports. Bob's specialty is the outsourcing of manufacturing to Pacific Rim economies.

Bob Rosenstiel, President

Bob has been actively engaged in assembling manufacturing sector outsourcings, cross border trade, and joint ventures for over 30 years. His geographic area of specialty is Eastern and Western Europe.

Bob also has substantial experience in establishing independent joint ventures for purposes of

  • penetrating foreign markets,
  • expanding product lines,
  • proving access to foreign capital, or
  • generating liquidity events for U.S. shareholders

Robert Atols, VP

Robert was President of Atols Tool and Mold from 1980 through 1998. During his tenure he successfully expanded markets in the commercial die cast industry domestically and in Europe and China, along the way becoming the first die cast die supplier to earn the General Motors "Target For Excellence" recognition. He has served as Vice President of the Numerical Control Society (1978), TMA President (1982), NTMA Chairman (1988) and is presently Chairman of the International Special Tooling & Machining Association. Robert's geographic specialty is the Central and South American market.

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