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Top Partnering Speakers

  • If you have any recommendations for this page (including yourself) please contact Heidi Redford at We will be populating it over the next few months.
  • Curt Sahakian, founder of the Corporate Partnering Institute is the author of a number of highly regarded publications, including: "Corporate Partnering. A How-To Handbook", "Customer Partnering, A Guide to Key Practices", "The One Page Strategy Sheet" and "Business Applications of Propaganda". He talks about the pragmatic aspects of partnering... not why you should it... or how great it is to do it... but the concrete steps you need to take to accomplish successful partnerings. 1-800-948-1700 847-676-2774 USA
  • Stephen M. Dent, founder of Partnership Continuum, Inc. is author of three books on how to be a Smart Partner: "Partnering Intelligence: Creating Value for Your Business by Building Strong Alliances", "Powerhouse Partners: A Blueprint for Building Organizational Culture for Breakaway Results", and "The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook: Tools and Techniques for Building Strong Alliances for Your Business". His theme is “Businesses don’t partner, people do!" Here is a list of his past keynote speaking engagements List. 612.375.0323, 1.888.292.0323
  • Ed Rigsbee, CSP - Author of: "PartnerShift", "Developing Strategic Alliances", and "The Art of Partnering" and is a certified speaking professional. He speaks primarily to trade organizations and has a substantial quantity of partnering content on his site. Take a look at it 805-371-4636, 800-839-1520,
  • Melissa Giovagnoli - Author of of over 6 books on partnering including "Networlding: Building relationships and opportunities for success", and "The Power of Two: How companies of all sizes can build alliance networks that generate business opportunities. Speaking engagements to both Fortune 500 companies and technology companies about the subjects of Junior/Senior partnerings and personal networking among technology executives. 847/310-0571
  • Sarah Gerdes - Founder and CEO of Business Marketing Group, author of Navigating the Maze: Making Alliances Work and a regular columnist for Inc. Magazine. Sarah speaks to fortune 500 companies, industry groups and entrepreneurial forums on the subject partnerships. 425/369-8900 or
  • Ira Blumenthal - Author of "Ready, Blame, Fire" and President of Co-Opportunities, Inc. Clients include Coca-Cola, Exxon, Delta Airlines, Wal*Mart, United Artists, Hyatt, Harrah's, Exxon, and McDonald's. He speaks with a motivational flair on the subjects of partnering, seeking synergies, finding symbiotic relationships, collaboration, joint ventures and strategic alliances. 678-797-9199
  • Ben Gomes-Casseres - Author of "The Alliance Revolution" and professor of business at Brandeis University; previously a professor at Harvard Business School. Frequent speaker on alliance strategy at industry conferences and in-house programs. Clients have included Sun, Motorola, Abbott, Lilly, HP, DuPont, and other leading companies worldwide. His work is at and he can be contacted
  • Larraine Segil Productions - Larraine is co-founder of The Lared Group, a strategic alliance consulting company. She presents senior executive programs, speaks and consults worldwide on alliances. (310) 556-1778
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